Arcus Consulting formerly Chercover Massie & Associates Ltd has over 65 years of experience in both Architecture and Engineering. Our architects and engineers have been providing high quality professional services on a wide range of projects across the lower Mainland and Canada for over 65 years. Providing expert consultation in both Architecture and Structural Engineering we can provide a complete service for our clients ensuring their design needs are met to the highest of standards. Our recent move to Arcus Consulting further develops on the values and experience of Chercover Massie and Associates. Moving forward as Arcus Consulting we will continue to develop on the foundations set by Chercover Massie and Associates while incorporating new technologies, visions and values with our clients. Arcus symbolizes strength, sustainability and collaboration, something we feel our company reflects in the work we do, and so as Arcus Consulting we will continue to work ensuring to fulfill these characteristics.


Arcus Consulting have the experience and expertise to work on a variety of building projects. Due to our background in both Architecture and Structural Engineering we have the necessary knowledge and skills required to complete your building projects.

We have a staff of 16 highly qualified and dedicated professionals, who work closely with the client to ensure project goals and visions are met.


Any questions you have, please call, fax or email.  We are here to give the best in our expertise.  

# 900 - 1200 W. 73rd Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6P 6G5

Tel: 604-264-1450

Fax: 604-264-1462

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